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What a thrilling Thursday it was with the new classic collection from Neatens Manila

What a thrilling Thursday it was with the new classic collection from Neatens Manila

There are things that every millennial nowadays like doing: 1.) doing things as quick as possible, 2.) not buying the things that they don’t need, and 3.) keeping it classic and simple. In Neatens Manila, we give emphasis on that lifestyle, that’s why we came up with a new collection of bedding sets that every millennial out there would love to try.

What is Neatens Manila’s Classic Collection?

You know what they say? Classic is timeless. And that’s what Neatens Manila will bring you. It is a collection of classic plains and stripes beddings that will surely give you that elegant, fresh, and clean-looking vibe that never goes out of style. This new collection is perfect for those who want that classy and sophisticated look that matches every millennial on-the-go and minimalistic lifestyle.

The classic collection now has thicker and better-quality fabric made from authentic US cotton. From 300, we now have 450 thread count making our beddings softer and well-wearing over time. Still bothered by the uncooperative fitted sheet that does not fit well with bigger beds? Our new collection has overall bigger sizing, so you won’t have to worry about making your bed in the morning. As our gift to you, we have included extra pillowcase that matches each design. So, whether you like it in plain or stipes, our 20x30 pillowcase is always up for snatch.

Our new collection comes in bolder colors that complements every millennial’s brave and outgoing personality. Sandstorm is a classic neutral color that brings in the mood for balance and neutrality. It evokes comfort and warmth and versatility when it comes to the bedroom’s color scheme. If you want a more restful color that will remind you that you are one great force of nature, emerald is the best set for you. It has a calming effect that will also help relieve stress. Color of calm, as they say, pacific is a soothing color that can encourage relaxation as it can usually make you feel cool and peaceful. Creativity is one of the primary attributes that millennials possess. Sunset is the color that can help you boost the creative centers of the brain and it is also often associated with kindness and love. Ivory, on the other hand, gives the warmth of brown and the crisp of the color white. Ivory also serves to compliment one’s desire for comfort and conformity.

We care for the environment

At Neatens Manila, we believe that the packaging should look as good as the products it protects. We take pride in bringing you a more sustainable and environmental-friendly packaging. We have used lesser polystyrene and plastic without compromising its quality making our overall product so distinctive.

We value what you value

We know how fast-paced we live right now, and we understand that you give much value in the things that you are spending for. We give you what you want so you won’t have to pay for what you don’t. We give you elegance and comfort altogether at a price without too much investment. At Neatens Manila, we only serve what best fits your lifestyle. We offer flexible payment methods that sets off with everyone’s tight schedules. Neatens Manila value your time so we allow everyone to have a say on how their orders will come to their doorsteps.

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