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Holy sheet! Here’s how you’ll have hotel-like experience while staying at home

Holy sheet! Here’s how you’ll have hotel-like experience while staying at home

Eleven months – that is exactly how long we have been on quarantine. And even though travelling has been made a little easier these days, safety is still our topmost priority. Truly, we’ve missed a lot of things for the past months. I bet you would agree with me if I say that we’ve all missed those times when we’ll just book for a nearby hotel and spend a day or two just lying in a very comfortable hotel bed doing nothing but surfing through Netflix or having some sort of weekend getaway with family and friends in nearby beach resorts where we would stay under the sun for the day and enjoy the relaxing feel of the hotel bed and comforter at night.

We can’t do that right now, can we? Hotels do their best to prioritize everyone’s safety, but in times like this, we can never be so sure.

Worry no more! Neatens Manila brings you a hotel-like experience at the comfort of your home. With its 5-in-1bedding set, you will feel the coziness and luxury of hotel beds.

What is Neatens Manila’s Comfort Pro?

Made from US cotton, this newest set of bed essential from Neatens Manila’s product line has 5-in-1 bedding set which includes 1 white duvet filler, 1 duvet cover with zipper, 1 gartered, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

This set comes in different colors where you can choose from depending on your preference and mood. If you are into colors that can create warm and nature-friendly atmosphere, and you often seek for peaceful and serene mood, Skyrocket is the best variant for you. Although classic white can convey sense of purity, cleanliness and peacefulness, Off White variant gives you a warmer touch in your room. As Elle Woods says, “It adds a little something, don’t you think?” Off White is a great choice if you are leaning towards contemporary country style design paired with more casual and rustic interior. If you need a little boost your mood and feel more self-loving and fostering, Quartz is the best color for you. This color is often associated with happiness, healing, and relationships. If you feel a little more connected with nature and natural world, Army is the color to go with. With its strong association with the nature, it is often linked with serenity, good luck, and health. Also, if you love reading some good book before you sleep, this color is also said to help improve reading abilities. Quicksilver is perfect for those who like a more classic and elegant mood. It is a saturated, gray, twilight blue with a lavender undertone which give that perfect setting of warmth and calmness.

The price you pay for a hotel-like experience

Despite the health and safety challenges that we are currently facing, a lot of people still have found ways to go and have their staycations inside and outside of the country. From celebrities, influencers, and even our Facebook friends, they have all posted about their wonderful staycation in different hotels. Those hotel stays, budgeted and luxurious alike, cost a couple of thousand pesos. But have you ever wondered how much does it cost for you to experience top quality bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers? How much are you willing to pay to feel that hotel-like experience again?

Fret no more as Neatens Manila gives you the best deal in the market. For only Php1,650.00, you will be able to afford the comfort and luxury that a hotel bed provides. Its 5-in-1 bedding set comes in different bed sizes so you can have more options to choose from. Truly, what a steal it is!

They also give a lot of discounts and good deals for its loyal customers.

Neatens Manila provides client-centered services which are all evident on their great customer service, online experience, and in-store experience. That said, they offer a lot of discounts and good deals for its loyal customers all around the country. So even if you are from the northernmost part of the country or even from the southernmost island, Neatens Manila can serve you the best value product that they have to offer. For those residing within Metro Manila, Neatens Manila offer FREE DELIVERIES in many occasions which you surely should watch out for.

You do not have to worry about any virus that comes with the set because Neatens Manila team ensures that every order that they deliver are immensely disinfected and well-packaged.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel that cozy hotel-like experience at the most reasonable price you can get.

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